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  author = {Loutfouz Zaman and Wolfgang Stuerzlinger and Naghmi Shireen and
                   Robert Woodbury},
  title = {{GEM-NI:} A System For Creating and Managing Alternatives In Generative Design},
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  booktitle = {CHI '15, SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems},
  address = {Seoul, Korea},
  publisher = {ACM},
  note = {to appear},
  abstract = {We present GEM-NI – our new system for creating and
                   managing alternatives in generative design. Making
                   alternatives is a key feature of creative work, yet is
                   poorly supported in most extant tools. GEM-NI enables
                   various forms of parallel editing via new methods to
                   control which alternatives are affected by a given edit. We
                   also introduce a novel method for post-hoc synchronization
                   of alternatives, which we called synch paste. Moreover, our
                   system supports a number of ways to create alternatives,
                   including a new method for creating alternatives from a
                   graphical history that retains the lineage. Another way to
                   create alternatives is via an interactive design gallery
                   interface, which includes several improvements over
                   previous work.}
  key = {Woodbury},
  author = {Loutfouz Zaman and Wolfgang Stuerzlinger},
  title = {Alternatives in Generative Design},
  howpublished = {GRAND NCE Annual Conference},
  month = {May},
  year = 2013,
  abstract = {Generative design uses rule sets or algorithms. It is used for exploration of designs in art,
                   architecture, communication, product design and is inspired by nature: genetic variations through
                   mutation and crossovers. While it's made to support variations (designs different in parameters), the
                   support for alternatives (structurally different designs) is limited. Current methods include opening
                   file versions in different windows, copying within the same file, or using layers. We present NodeBox
                   3+, a system which supports multiple variations and alternatives simultaneously. It allows dragging
                   nodes from one alternative to another, creating/deleting nodes and connections, selective propagation
                   of parameter changes.}

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