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  abstract = {Scripting has become an integral part of design work in
                   Computer-Aided Design (CAD), especially with parametric
                   systems. Designers who script face a very steep learning
                   and use curve due to the new (to them) script notation and
                   the loss of direct manipulation of the model. Programming
                   In the Model (PIM) is a prototype parametric CAD system
                   with a live interface with side-by-side model and script
                   windows; real-time updating of the script and the model;
                   on-demand dependency, object and script representations in
                   the model; and operation preview (lookahead). These
                   features aim to break the steep learning and use curve of
                   scripting into small steps and to bring programming and
                   modeling tasks `closer together.' A qualitative user study
                   with domain experts shows the importance of
                   multi-directional live scripting and script localization
                   within the model. Other PIM features show promise but
                   require additional design work to create a better user

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