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  note = {to appear},
  abstract = {Shape schema grammars generalize parametric shape grammars
                   so that both rules and the objects to which they apply are
                   expressed with shape schemata. This paper defines shape
                   schema grammars incrementally. It starts with a notation
                   for schemata in general and shape schemata in
                   particular. Schema equality is shown to have at least three
                   possible definitions, of which schema consistency is the
                   most useful. A limited notion of shape schema maximality
                   potentially reduces the size and redundancy of a given
                   schema. Shape schema subpart is a multifunction returning
                   all of the possible ways that one shape schema can be
                   embedded in another. Shape schema difference and addition
                   complete the basic mathematical operations over shape
                   schemata required to define shape schema rules, grammars
                   and languages.}
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