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  author = {Maher Elkhaldi and Robert Woodbury},
  title = {Interacting with Alternatives: Alt.Text},
  key = {Elkhaldi},
  booktitle = {{ACADIA} 2014: Proceeedings of the Association for Computer
                   Aided Design in Architecture},
  year = 2014,
  month = {October},
  publisher = {ACADIA},
  pages = {117-124},
  abstract = {Exploring designs through constructing representations in
                   parametric modeling tools requires advanced skills in
                   defining, and often redefining, hierarchies of elements,
                   relationships, and parameters. The benefits of exploring
                   designs with such tools is contingent on the designer's
                   ability to manage representations. The main challenges that
                   such tools put forth are their single-state model approach,
                   and the user interactions they offer—these often do not
                   support parallel exploration of what-if scenarios.  The
                   process of designing with parametric modeling tools is
                   strongly similar to that of designing text documents. While
                   less complex, the process of constructing a text document
                   entails similar activities such as combining elements in
                   different sequences, varying properties, changing content,
                   defining references across different elements, among
                   others.  The similarities in both processes, and the
                   simpler context of text-document creation, inspired us to
                   build a text-editing prototype with focus on offering
                   interactions that can support multi-state design
                   explorations, comparison of alternatives, parallel editing
                   operations, and restructuring hierarchies.  Lessons learned
                   from this prototype will be carried over to successive
                   prototypes that are geared towards geometric
  key = {Woodbury},
  author = {Maher Elkhaldi and Robert Woodbury},
  title = {Interacting with Alternatives: Alt.Text},
  howpublished = {GRAND NCE Annual Conference},
  month = {May},
  year = 2014,
  abstract = {Alt.Text Is a prototype for writing. It enables writers to explore alternative structure, content and style.}

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