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                   on implications of climate change. \relax\par {\bfseries
                   Abstract:} \emph{British Columbia is at the forefront of
                   environmental leadership in Canada, setting aggressive
                   targets for net-zero greenhouse gas emissions, new
                   investments in green innovation, and ambitious energy
                   conservation and eco-efficiency targets. In doing so, it
                   sets legal, economic, political and social frameworks for
                   the large, complex and distributed industries serving the
                   built environment.  This White Paper's scope is buildings
                   and their stakeholders as critical elements in an effective
                   climate change strategy. The sector comprises government;
                   industry; building owners, occupants and users; utilities;
                   non-governmental organizations; universities; colleges and
                   schools. Buildings are part of the multi-scale urban
                   system, so this paper complements the PICS White Paper
                   entitled \emph{Climate Change and Sustainable Communities}}

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